FolderViewer 5.03

Manage files and folders in a dual-pane interface with advanced functions
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Explore your files and copy, move, rename or delete them in a dual-panel interface. The tool includes the ability to batch rename files based on a user-selected set or rules and the capability to edit or modify the file properties of multiple entries at the same time.

FolderViewer 4.8 is software which can become an alternative way of organizing user files. It includes all functions that are usually performed with files, like renaming, searching, printing, converting and editing. The program includes a range of special viewers and each of them is a separate way of getting information about a user’s files and managing them. "Image viewer" for example is a great tool for managing your pictures. It includes two panels that can be used for easy comparison of two images. FolderViewer 4.8 also allows you to create your own viewers and save them for future use. This software includes a lot of useful tools for creating your own music playlists, designing web pages, packing and unpacking files and many more. It has such an enormous number of different features and functions that it is possible that you will have some difficulties with using all of them. Thankfully developers have supplied it with a great detailed help file, which can really help you find answers to your questions.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Stable work


  • Boring design
  • At first the program's interface seems really complicated
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